Exhibition “El Paisaje Interior” (The Interior Landscape)  – La Cámara Espacio Fotográfico

Exhibition “El Paisaje Interior” (The Interior Landscape) – La Cámara Espacio Fotográfico

La Cámara – Espacio Fotográfico – has been hosting the group exhibition “El Paisaje Interior” (The Interior Landscape) since its opening on Thursday 22 April until 21 May, which proposes an introspective reflection on landscape. Works by Teresa Arozena, Rocío Eslava, Valle Martín Palenzuela, Carlos Labrador, José Luis López Monzón and Sergio Acosta share the exhibition space and dialogue around landscape as an idea of representation of the exterior and interior world as two sides of the same coin.

“Cuaderno de campo” (Field notebook) – Sergio Acosta

Like a logbook, an album of curiosities, a scrapbook or a visual repository, “Cuaderno de campo” (Field Notebook) is an extensive compendium of images, notes and sketches that the author compiles in his long wanderings and his drifts through the territory.
This brief selection, in connection with  “El Paisaje Interior” (The Interior Landscape), transports us to that deep landscape, to those interior territories of our country and our vast geography. At the same time, it leads us through the artist’s singular world or interior landscape where absences, silences and voids mark his particular vision of the environment that surrounds us and our relationship with it.

Sergio Acosta - Cuaderno de campo - El Paisaje Interior - Fotografía contemporánea

Series: Cuaderno de campo – El Paisaje Interior, by Sergio Acosta (Photo: Miguel Ángel Roldán)


Place: La Cámara Espacio Fotográfico
Calle Juan de Vera, 71
San Cristóbal de La Laguna 38201
Tenerife, España

Date: From 22 April to 21 May 2021.

Timetable: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 10:00 to 17:00h.

Authors and projects:

Teresa Arozena, series “Potencia Isla”

Rocío Eslava, series “Suceso autobiográfico”

Valle Martín Palenzuela, series “California”.

Carlos Labrador, series “Refugio”.

José Luís López Monzón, series “Senda”

Sergio Acosta, series “Cuaderno de campo”.