“- “(…) could you please tell me, where I have to go from here?  
– That depends on where you want to go – said the Cat.
– I do not care too much where … – Alicia began to explain.
– In that case, no matter where you go to – interrupted the Cat.
-….provided that `you arrive ‘somewhere – Alicia ended by way of explaining.
– Oh! You will always arrive somewhere – said the Cat – if you only walk long enough.”

(Lewis Carroll, “Alice in Wonderland”)

“he man knows the world to the extent which is knows himself, that is to say, the depth of the world is unveiled in so far as to amazes itself and its own complexity.” 

(Friedrich Nietzsche, “The book of the philosopher”)


In the visual and plastic arts in general I look for the means that allows me to identify my hidden qualities to better understand my reality and to express my interpretation of the world around me. I want to explore my relationship and the relationship between man and his environment, and the delicate balance in which they live together permanently. Seeking to capture both the tangible and intangible to achieve a clearer understanding of myself, which allows me to explore fragments of life in a more emotional, abstract and conceptual way. I Intentionally seek a contrast to all the schemes of my scientific academic background, trying not to mask what I ignore.

I use photography, without ruling out other artistic disciplines as a means of personal expression, as well as an introspective tool with which to establish a high degree of intimacy with the viewer. From this expressive dialogue, intimate and suggestive, I am looking to grow, learn, build and refine my artistic speech. I use the camera to discover the world, my world, sometimes unexplored, sometimes unexplainable and often contradictory. The camera is the tool which approaches my interior and the light that is within my shadow.


Sergio Acosta – Statement